Tirenda Tire Energy Production Co.

Tirenda is a natural-gas cogeneration plant located on a 42,000 m2 area in the Tire Organised Industrial Zone that acts as a Balancing Unit. As an Independent Production Company, power is sold to free consumers, wholesalers and TETCO (Day-Ahead Market and Balancing Power Market).

The plant produced 130,118 million kWh in 2015 which is a 36% decrease compared to 2014. The fall in market prices throughout 2014 affected production, resulting in greater amounts of buy and sell transactions from the market. After 4 years in operation, the facility has recorded a cumulative production of 661 million kWh. The facility was kept ready at disposal as a result of carefully planned operations with the exception of power or natural gas cuts, unforeseen malfunctions and periodical maintenance work.